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Recognizing an opportunity to expand its EHR certification business, SEEDIE (the Society for Exorbitantly Expensive and Difficult to Implement EHR’s), is now certifying EHR sales professionals.

“Numerous organizations review and rank EHR solutions based on tired and traditional criteria such as usability, functionality, and ability to satisfy meaningful use criteria,” said Sal Obfuscato, SEEDIE executive director. “Our new certification program pays lip service to those stale dimensions while focusing on a simple fact - people buy from people.”

The new SEEDIE HEAT program rates vendor salespeople on a variety of attributes using a Likert scale, generating a report that gives an overall score in the following major categories:

  • Hotness — High scorers possess characteristics such as washboard abs, chiseled features, alpine white teeth, sparkling eyes or the ability to walk in knee-high boots.
  • Expenses — Those who score well in this category tend to carry a no-limit corporate card, never hesitate to pick up dinner tabs or rounds of golf, and are fully stocked with the top-shelf premium items pharmaceutical reps can no longer give out.
  • Affability — Salespeople with high affability are friendly, outgoing and enthusiastic, and tend to be fresh-faced college graduates who were social chairs at their sororities or fraternities.
  • Talent — While a lack of talent can be overcome by high scores in the hotness, expenses and affability categories, some capacity to provide at least minimal levels of service and support is factored into a weighted average HEAT score.

“Let’s face it, the best-known companies in the EHR vendor space tend to be expensive, inflexible and tied to antiquated business models that do not scale well,” added Obfuscato. “These SEEDIE certified organizations may be difficult to do business with, but at least their sales reps are smoking hot.”

SEEDIE Announces ARRA Acronym™ certification program PDF Print E-mail

SEEDIE, The Society for Exorbitantly Expensive and Difficult to Implement EHRs, today announced a program to certify the acronyms associated with the ARRA stimulus program.

“In the wake of last weeks announcement by ONC that a handful of EHR vendors are ONC-ATCB certified, we have experienced a tsunami of acronym filled and poorly constructed press releases,” said SEEDIE executive director Sal Obfuscato. “This reckless use of acronyms is unprecedented, and policing their use in marketing materials is placing an undue burden on an already resource challenged Department of Health and Human Services.”

In response, SEEDIE will certify EHR vendors on the use of acronyms including ONC, ONC-ATCB, ARRA, EHR, CFR, NQF, NIST, and HHS.

“EHR vendors can write us a sizable six figure check and be certified as Acronym Complete for all ARRA associated abbreviations, or they can select individual acronyms for $10,000 each and achieve modular certification,” added Obfuscato. “We are also offering discounted acronym combinations, such as an ONC and ONC-ATCB package for $15,000 given that the acronyms share three letters. We will provide guidance on each acronym, eliminating confusion in the marketplace and generating revenues for our upcoming annual conference in Aruba.”

A spokesman for ONC applauded the SEEDIE program. “We too are overwhelmed by the alphabet soup associated with ARRA certification, and we often debate the difference between an NQF and a CFR. When you start to describe an ONC program for ONC-ATCB certification based on NIST standards which reference NQF measures to qualify for ARRA funds, you look for the nearest physician who can e-Prescribe an anti-depressant.”

SEEDIE Self-Attests Approval As Certification Body PDF Print E-mail

SEEDIE, the Society for Exorbitantly Expensive and Difficult to Implement EHR's, has self-attested that it is an accredited certification body for electronic health record systems which qualify for ARRA funds.

"We got tired of waiting for ONC to confer accredited status, so we decided to take a page from the meaningful use playbook and self-attest," said Sal Obfuscato, SEEDIE executive director. "In our last shareholders meeting, somebody pointed out that we are a certification organization, and as such we can certainly certify ourselves. Who are we to argue with our own logic?"

"Most EHR vendors tell us that ARRA stands for Ain't Really Ready Anyway, and they were pressuring us to come out with a new SEEDIE certified seal that gives doctors the impression their solutions will meet incentive funding requirements," added Obfuscato. "Starting immediately, EHR vendors can pay us $30,000 and add our misleading ARRA stamp of approval to their marketing materials."

SEEDIE Offers Twitter Optimized ARRA Certification Program PDF Print E-mail

SEEDIE, the Society for Exorbitantly Expensive and Difficult to Implement EHR’s, is embracing the 140 character model developed by Twitter as a central component of its new ARRA Certification program.

“Since ARRA meaningful use criteria are not yet finalized, we decided this was the ideal time to launch a certification program around those criteria,” said SEEDIE executive director Sal Obfuscato. “In that spirit, we have developed a 140 character pledge that EHR vendors are expected to tweet. This cutting edge electronic attestation, along with a certification fee of $30,000, will result in the coveted SEEDIE Platinum Certification seal.”

The tweet-able statement reads:

We glanced at not yet finalized ARRA meaningful use criteria and hereby attest our EHR looks promising! So who do I make the check out to?

EHR vendor Extormity was among the first in the healthcare IT community to tweet their ARRA certification. According to Extormity CTO Oliver Brindle, “We decided to get certified before the criteria are finalized, as we’re pretty sure we won’t be able to meet the actual criteria any time soon.”

SEEDIE Announces Holiday Turkey Certification Program PDF Print E-mail

Deeming certification of electronic health record applications “awfully difficult” in light of yet to be defined meaningful use criteria, the Society for Exorbitantly Expensive and Difficult to Implement EHRs is using this period of uncertainty to certify holiday turkeys.
“The dirty little secret of the poultry industry has to do with giblets,” announced SEEDIE executive director Sal Obfuscato. “When turkeys are processed, their giblets are removed early in the process and tossed in a bin. Just prior to shrink wrapping the end product in plastic, a set of random giblets is plucked from the bin and inserted into the turkey cavity. What people fail to understand is that giblets are not interoperable, and shipping a turkey without its proprietary giblets can dramatically impact oven performance, taste and even the quality of a post-holiday meal nap.”
According to Obfuscato, the parallels with the EHR industry are obvious. “The healthcare IT bleeding hearts evangelize about plug and play interoperability and demonstrate standards-based data exchange at their connectapaloozas, but SEEDIE and its vendor sponsors will spend lavishly to protect the proprietary fortresses we have so carefully erected.”
“Our SEEDIE advocacy team is working behind the scenes to gut interoperability requirements from meaningful use criteria,” added Obfuscato. “In the meantime, we will focus our efforts on certifying turkeys, pheasant, duck and other delectable holiday birds.”

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